Práctica de vocabulario - capítulo cinco

thank you for the food

thank you very much

yes please

to express gratitude (infitive starting with a...)

you’re welcome

Where is the bathroom?



go / keep going


until arriving at

turn (command)

to the right

to the left

go up

go down

on this street

It’s on the right.

next to


across from / facing

on the corner

urban and rural landscapes

the outskirts, suburbs

the department store

the tree

a bus

a street

the countryside, rural area

the butcher shop

the highway

the downtown

a movie theater

the city

a car

the pollution

the block

the building

a school

the fruit store

the church

the garden

a place

the town

the bridge

the stand

the skyscraper

a noise

the store

the tower

an apartment

the avenue

the bank

the capital

the cathedral

a hospital

the market

the metro

a museum

the park

the plaza

a restaurant

the taxi

the theater

the traffic

the tranquility

the public transport

to remember

to go to bed

to shave

to bathe (oneself)

to brush one’s teeth

to know; to be familiar with

to wake up

to go to sleep / fall asleep

to shower

to make; to do

to leave; to go away

to wash (oneself)

to wash one’s face

to wash one’s hands

to get up; to stand up

to arrive

to put on makeup

to hear; to listen to

to comb (one’s hair)

to put

to put on; to become

to become happy

to put on the glasses

to stay

to know (a fact)

to leave; to go out

to sit down

to bring; to carry

to come

to get dressed

ancient; former; old




quite, enough






no one

none, not any, no

one hundred

two hundred

three hundred

four hundred

five hundred

six hundred

seven hundred

eight hundred

nine hundred

one thousand

two thousand

three thousand

four thousand

five thousand

six thousand

seven thousand

nine thousand

eight thousand

to thank; to be grateful for

to appear

to drive

to favor; to be partial to

to deserve

to offer

to seem; to look

to belong

to recognize

to translate

to be glad; happy

to dare (to do something)

to be found, located

to imagine

to wonder or ask oneself

to stay or remain

to refer



for or in order to