El presente continuo y el pasado continuo con verbos -ir de cambio radical

If it is a stem-changing verb that ends in -ir, then the gerund will have a stem change of e → i or o → u. If you add a pronoun to the end of the gerund, remember to put an accent on the strong vowel of the stressed syllable.
- Yo sugiero. → Estoy sugiriendo.
Traduce las siguientes frases. No incluyas el pronombre de sujeto.

1. I am ordering a coffee. (pedir)
2. She is not following the instructions. (seguir)
3. We are serving our guests. (servir)
4. They are sleeping very well. (dormir)
5. We are dying to know the answer. (morir)
6. I am not getting dressed. (vestirse)
7. Are y'all having fun? (divertirse)
8. He was not lying. (mentir)
9. Were you preferring to go? (preferir, tú)
10. I was laughing a lot. (reírse)
11. He kept repeating my words. (seguir + repetir)
12. We were feeling tired. (sentirse, con hombres y mujeres)
13. They were smiling. (sonreír)
14. What were you suggesting? (sugerir, tú)