El dativo de interés

se pasivo - objeto indirecto - verbo conjugado - sujeto

English is very direct compared to Spanish. In English, "I dropped the milk" or "I broke a glass", etc. A literal translation of these sentences into Spanish would indicate a purposeful action. Spanish instead uses the passive voice for accidents or unintended events. Se makes it passive. The indirect object is used for the person involved or affected. In fact, sometimes the person can be seen more as a victim of the issue instead of taking full responsiblity as we tend to do in English. Lastly, the subject is the thing that fell or broke, etc. 

Con un infinitivo después, se usa la tercera persona singular del verbo.
Todos los infinitivos terminan con: -ar, -er, -ir

Los pronombres de objeto indirecto

me  nos
te  os
le  les

Los objetos de preposiciones

a mí                    a nosotros/as
a ti                    a vosotros/as
a él/ella/usted         a ellos/ellas/ustedes